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Storing / Archiving

Office moves are followed most of the times by the necesity of storing of the archives. The high costs of the office spaces, doesn't justify filling of them with the documents clasified as archive documents.. Balkan Moving I.R.S. offers storing services of the documents that can be archived, in a space especially conceived and equiped for this task. The management of the documents stored is made through electronic tools, which are in the warehouse endowment. .
Description of the storing services :

  1. assistance in the documents packaging and collecting;
  2. storing of the "archive without moving", "static archive" and of promotional and consumable materials;
  3. effective management of the stored content;
  4. destruction of the archived documents with overdue storing term.

Through simple knowing of the documents that you have, and keeping period for them, you can get important costs reduction, in the conditions in which the raising volume of the documents is corectly managed.


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