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The packing process

Balkan Moving I.R.S. is placing at your disposal the packing service. Packing is a major step when a move decision is made. This is an art which requires personnel with aptitudes, experience and knowledge.

Balkan Moving
I.R.S. is placing at your disposal first quality materials and very well trained personnel, assuring the packing of your personal objects and goods in the most safe conditions.

When the packing process is finished, we make an inventory list, after which we start to load the clients objects and goods in truck/container, which will ensure the transportation of the goods in optimal conditions at the clients destination.

Protecting the enviroment is an important role assumed by us. Balkan Moving I.R.S. understands the importance of the enviroment protection, and it's bringing it's contribution through different measures applied during the while moving process:
> we are using materials (boxes, paper, etc.) which incorporetes recycled materials
> colecting of the used materials, in the purpose of reusing it as materials for producing new area materialelor utilizate, în vederea refolosirii ca materie primă pentru producerea de noi ambalaje.

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