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Free survey

The first step consists in making a free survey by a moving consultant, regarding the volume the personal effects to be moved.
For an accurate survey, the consultant will measure the furniture, also determining if necessary, the volume occupied by its content, followed by an inventory of the number and dimensions of the other effects that will be relocated.

This survey is neither a bid, nor a contract, the price for any move being calculated taken into consideration the estimated volume of the personal effects, the distance between the locations, the time allocated for your move, and the architectural particularities of the buildings that can render your move more difficult.

The personal effects to be moved can be insured (partially or totally) at their declared value. The price of any move includes also minimum risk insurance. Next, the consultant, by commonly agreement, will fix the date of your move and its allocated time. He will also inform on the details of the new location (address, architectural particularities and ruttier access ways).

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