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International Moves

Moving your home across the street can be a trying experience for some people. Moving across the world represents a challenge that can leave you with many questions and very few answers. Cultural, legislative and customs differences are some of the issues involved in an international move. Even if you intend to relocate all of your personal effects or just a part of them, Balkan Moving IRS understands the importance of their arrival at destination in the same condition they left, and in the shortest time possible. Balkan Moving IRS will also prepare the documents needed to insure (partially or totally) the items to be moved.
> Due to the long distance your personal effects will have to go through, and as well to the multiple handlings they will be subjected to, we will protect all of them with bubble and/or a layer of cardboard; then, your personal effects will be loaded into a truck or special container hermetically closed and sealed.
> We will also draw up an inventory list that will be checked both when loading in the truck/special container and unloading from it.
> At destination another specialized moving company, appointed by Balkan Moving IRS will take care or the custom formalities and as well of the unloading, unpacking and arranging your personal effects in your new home.
> Additionally, Balkan Moving IRS puts at your disposal storage services; we can storage your belongings anywhere in the world until you are ready to install in your new home.


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