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Local moves

Mutari locale: mobila, birouri, antichitati, bibelouri, statuete, reviste, carti, impachetari in cutii. Mutari tablouri si obiecte de sticlaWhen moving the personal effects of a private person, we will first pack the fragile items and the small size items, in order to clear the furniture. .
> At your request, we can previously supply you cardboard boxes, so that you can pack some personal items
> Fragile items (statutes, antiques, glasses, dishes, etc.) will be rapped in 2 silk paper layers.
> Small size objects (books, magazines, toys, CD’s, shoes, etc.) will be packed in suitable size boxes.
> Mirrors, paintings, glass/mirrors doors, TV’s, will be packed in bubble plastic, and if necessary doubled by special blankets or cardboard cover..
> Clothes will be packed in special boxes or in hanging wardrobe boxes, which prevent creasing, by transporting them on hangers.
>Mattresses will be packed in bubble plastic, and the rest of the furniture will be protected with moving blankets during the transport.

At your request Balkan Moving I.R.S. can deliver you cartoon boxes and packaging paper, in order for you to pack a part of the personal objects
> All boxes (sealed with roller tape) and furniture items will be marked according to their exact destination – floor/room.
>Taking into consideration their size, furniture items will be dismantled or not. In any situation, the furniture will be protected with special blankets.

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